New Moon in Capricorn – Solar Eclipse!

Image by Astroccult

A great time to reflect and plan the next steps in your life to achieve your goals. Capricorn is ambitious! At the same time, show people you love and appreciate how important they are in your life.

Jupiter in a strong square to Neptune… This gives a boost of creativity to support the projects you are working on… no wonder I see my spiritual sisters coming out now with such beautiful offers and services! Make the most of this aspect although it is a hard aspect; it is not a smooth ride but with effort we prevail.

Mercury in a strong trine with Uranus is also supporting your creativity by thinking out of the box and coming up with brilliant ideas.

Venus with a strong trine in Chiron is shining light on healing work you may have around relationships; whether it is love interests, your family, even business relationships.

Uranus goes Direct

Uranus is going direct this weekend.. brace yourselves! This comes with disruption, revolution and sometimes turmoil. It is right now in Aries, but making preparations to move into Taurus in spring… more shifts coming. Uranus is rebellious… and I believe we will see this in the world this year. The breaking down of 3D systems (government, food and medicine industry, even entertainment) in preparation for 5D.

Aquarian Age and 5D

Remember, we are in the Aquarian Age! Have been for the past seven years or so (some experts believe we started on 11/11/11, others think 12/21/12.

Prior to that, we were in the Piscean age, which was all about authority and power. Makes sense right? Look at how power prevailed in the world. Structures were built where 3D was solid.

Now in the Aquarian age, it is about bringing down these systems. Realizing that what we seek is within us, we are connected and we are ONE. 5D baby!

But it’s not all love and light.

There is a resistance; and we are seeing how it is bringing out the best and worst of humanity. Just look at your Facebook timelines! Horrendous, unspeakable crimes happening, the abuse of animals seen as a product, vs. people doing beautiful selfless acts as a social worker who left everything he had to charity (see article here)

Duality. ying and yang. The dark side, and the side of light.

We need to get together, and raise the consciousness of the planet by being light warriors; work on ourselves, with our shadow work, our healing and help others do the same! I love seeing my spiritual sisters shining their light, embracing their gifts to heal, empower, and guide them to the best version of themselves! We are stronger together and we will help the next generations into the fifth dimension.