With Pisces season now coming to the end, it is not coming by itself; it brings all these different shifts of energies! The biggest one I need to highlight is that we are in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and so far I have observed within my life and many people in social media and offline, how impactful it has been.

Also Mercury is quickly approaching Neptune, making a strong conjunction on March 20th. This can bring lies and deception to bubble up to the surface; I don’t see it as a coincidence that during this time, we have seen quite a few scandals come out, such as the college admission scandals.

The hardest days of the Mercury Retrograde are coming; and it will get better after that. But there are great things coming to soften the blow of the Retrograde… Aries season! Which means the start of an astrological new year. We move from the dreamy Pisces to the go-getter Aries…

Aries season also brings a Supermoon; the Worm Moon (will be in Virgo). Also, when the Sun is in Aries at 0 degrees, we usually see a world event occur, could be negative or positive (let’s hope for the latter). And we cannot forget about the Spring Equinox!

This is a great time for releasing… anything that does not serve you, especially in your relationships, your goals and your health. These energies could take a toll on you, so I would recommend you be gentle with yourself and rest when you need to; self-care should be a top priority.

Another shift coming this week is Venus square Mars. That can be very intense; especially in relationships. This transit can go either way; conflicts between relationships or an increase in passion and sex drive.

I am looking forward to Aries season, not only to this new, empowering energy but I also get to celebrate the birthday of my daughter! She is an Aries, Gemini rising, and moon in Virgo. Translation: fireball that gives me a run for my money! LOL

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