Boy did June come and go as fast as a blink of an eye!

June was quite an intense month… I am glad it is, mostly, behind us. We still have the Retrogrades going strong; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto doing its rounds; and then Neptune joined in the last days of that month. Those oppositions between Mercury, Mars, North Node and Saturn, Pluto and South Node were very intense in June; which were, as some astrologers quoted, the worst astrological day of the year; and some of these aspects have weakened, if not disappeared…

I noticed many people were very emotional, felt drained, got sick in June. It was very challenging and stuff came up for them to release and heal… but can we take a break already? Maybe not, but things are settling…

Well enough of June; let’s leave that behind and focus on July.

The biggest thing happening in July are the Eclipses; one happening in Cancer (internal stuff) and another in its opposite sign, Capricorn (external stuff). So this month we are working further in our spiritual growth and journey! Finding balance between our inner world (mind, body, spirit) with our outer world (relationships, career). Clearing out what doesn’t serve us, so we can “travel light” in life and not be bogged down by so much gunk that might not even belong to us! Completing stuff we need done… setting clear priorities.

The total solar eclipse on July 2nd in Cancer plus the full Moon partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn may be coming in with new beginnings while we find a way to deal with all the shedding and purging of stuff that does not serve us.

Also the Eclipses will urge us to find balance; but it might not be such a smooth ride. There can be chaos. Challenges. Roadblocks. Setbacks. Lessons to revisit. Wounds to heal.

The Retrogrades are assisting us in this transformation from caterpillar to a butterfly; the process can be difficult and painful; we just have to dig deeper and keep moving forward!

Saturn will be strong during these Eclipses since it will be opposite/conjunct the Moon. Making sure we get things done!

Another big shift is Mercury going Retrograde… yes again. This time conjunct Mars again which might make some people less patience with stuff coming up… revisiting some of the thought patterns or conversations that happened last month. Mercury will move back into Cancer for this Retrograde…

Chiron will follow suit as well going Retrograde! More wounds to revisit from self-identity and relationships… buckle up! It might be a bumpy ride.

Other shifts happening is the Sun going into Leo (my season yay); Venus moves into Cancer as well as Mercury tracing back its steps from Leo; and we are still in the Mercury conjunct Mars aspect (volatile energy).

There is quite a list of aspects coming up in July but wanted to highlight the major ones; but you can follow me at Soul Seeker Alchemy on Facebook for daily energy forecasts to learn more!

My tip for the Eclipses, and for this month is to look at what is weighing you down, and quickly evaluate and if needed, release. Your goal should be to clear away any distractions that move you farther away from your goals, and take action on those things that get you closer to your goal! Find that balance will help you tremendously in every aspect of your life… it is worth the effort! You can do this… we can do this!

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