Today, we have the 10/10 portal coming online; adding intensity into this upcoming Full Moon in just 2 days from now.

The number 10 represents codes that help disperse higher frequencies coming from Grand Central, Galactic Center, and other galactic realms, assisting us in the ascension process. The number 10 also represents reaching a new level karmically and spiritually.

The 10/10 portal is a portal of creation and ascension towards the New Earth. It is about balancing the diving masculine and feminine energies. It represents a cycle of completion; and new beginnings. Also about manifesting so get your journal and start working on manifestation magic!

The purpose of this portal is to disperse the higher frequencies in order to upgrade our DNA structure to crystalline light bodies; cosmic downloads… so at this time we may be feeling some ascension symptoms.

Also a cleansing of the dark, dense energies in the planet that are wreaking havoc. Old structures cannot subsist; and will be collapsing.

We had quite an intense 9/9 that assisted, along with Saturn and Pluto retrograde, with removing the stuff from deep beneath the surface for us to transmute, and 10/10 today promises to be quite intense as well; as it is the last 10/10 of this decade! We also have some strong portals coming up, 11/11 and 12/12!

This is time for us to stop playing small and raise our vibration so the planet is able to raise its vibration. Time to decide if we are staying stuck in the 3D or we advance into the 5D.

From blog, “The Oneness Energy is currently sweeping across the Planet, activating Everyone who is Ready into their part of the Divine Plan.  Through this incoming portal the 5D Frequencies will be pouring into the Collective Consciousness which will Bring Another Huge Wave of New Awakenee’s and Increased Joy for Many others. As these new awaken, many will be disoriented and confused as to what is happening to them.

My recommendation is always the same for these intense energies; ground, rest, drink lots of water to help integrate these energies; write down what comes up today, as in downloads! And be open to receive any messages you might get from your galactic team.