We had quite our share of shifts this month, from Pluto going Direct, to planets shifting into Libra and Scorpio. The  past New Moon in Libra focused on balance and relationships.

On October 13th, 2019, we have the full Moon happening in at 20 degrees of Aries; it will be a Hunter’s Moon. This promises to be an intense one!

The Full Moon will be squaring Pluto while trining Jupiter; I see this as major trigger energy happening for our growth; bringing up a Cardinal  T-Square between the Sun, Moon and Pluto. While it can be intense, challenging, triggering, this is all happening for us so we can up level and grow; and it can be either personal challenges or with relationships (Aries/Libra polarity, me vs. we). We must let go of what is not serving us for our highest good.

Venus will be opposing Uranus, which can shake things up, or have some sudden things happening in the relationship and finances department; whether it is something good, or a challenging situation, this will add to our growth.

Also, the Full Moon will be highlighting where are we giving too much of ourselves when it comes to relationships; or where we are not giving enough. Take this time to reflect on this.

The Moon will also be aligning with the Andromeda constellation; which promotes love and reconciliation.

The sabian symbol for this New Moon in Aries is “a young girl feeding birds in the winter”. This is about kindness, generosity, being giving to others in need.

This month, the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinner; so this Full Moon promises to be very powerful when it comes to psychic intuition, dreams and cosmic downloads.

Full Moons are a great chance to write down things you want to release; whether things, people, places, thought patterns, behaviors, etc… and then burn the page. I like doing a ritual of meditation, saying and pulling cards of my choice along with writing down in my journal what I need/want to release.

All these challenging aspects/shifts happening is for our soul’s growth, so no astrological aspect is negative; I would say they are challenging and transformative! And this Full Moon is full of them…

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