I wish I could tell you that the upcoming New Moon will be full of blissful energy; but I would be lying. This New Moon will indeed be powerful, but of a different energy.

This New Moon in 4 degrees of Scorpio is happening on Sunday, October 27 at 11:36PM EST. The Sun and Moon holding hands in Scorpio, by itself, makes this a very powerful New Moon; but it is how the aspects to the New Moon and other aspects in the skies  are configured at that particular time, which have me kind of not looking forward to it as much as other New Moons. Especially on a collective level.

First of all, Scorpio sign is ruled by Pluto; and Pluto also rules the 8th house. Sex, death, transformation, scandals… but also spirituality and rebirth. Anything about Scorpio is deep, intense, but also very insightful and pushes us towards our soul’s growth, even if it is through major challenges.

The New Moon will be opposing Uranus. That aspect by itself can bring a burst of highly charged energy; shocking news, sudden events…Uranus rules electricity, technology, but also  I would not be surprised to see some shocking news headlines that day… erratic energy! But wait… there’s more…

Mars will be squaring Saturn and Pluto. The three “malefic” planets are in a challenging aspect; which on an individual level can be extremely challenging but with a purpose of deep rebirth and transformation, letting the shedding of old beliefs and structures melt away. On a collective, global level, can bring some upsetting news. Mars in a square brings power struggles,  frustration, anger, impulsiveness, war… Mars/Pluto can be explosive, Uranus can rule accidents…Saturn… trials and hard lessons.

New Moon in Scorpio at 4 Degrees.. opposing Uranus

And a few days after this New Moon, we have the infamous Mercury Retrograde happening… on Halloween!

But not everything is doom and gloom… the Sun will be aspecting the North Node in a way that illuminates our path to our soul’s purpose! All these challenges, revelations, will help us get back on track, or find our path to what we came here to do in this incarnation; our soul’s purpose!

Coincidentally, 4 degrees of Scorpio, where this New Moon will be happening is about enlightenment, expanding the consciousness! It is time to up level. Time to step into your purpose. Time to leave the excuses, bullshit, fear behind and step into your goddess-given power!

Even with this chaotic energy, the New Moon is a great time to do some timeline jumping; start over with a new chapter in your life. The best time to set new intentions and visualize how you want your life to be!

In summary, we can expect sudden, unexpected events, major revelations happening; some people’s masks will fall off… many will experience a death of the old self. A rebirth, a rising from the ashes… like the Phoenix!

I will be doing New Moon Forecasts… looking at your transits specifically for this New Moon. With a touch of tarot! Click here to book your reading; will be booking these readings up to October 25th; with the delivery date of the New Moon (by 3pm EST)