The Full Moon in Taurus is happening on November 12, 2019; it will happen at 19 degrees of Taurus. We will be having a few challenging transits; but most are very positive. The Sun will be conjunct Mercury Retrograde; so the Full Moon will be opposing it.

But, the aspects that are harmonious weighs more than the challenging ones; making this Full Moon magical, birthing new opportunities… propelling you forward in your soul’s path… but the baggage, the toxic relationships, the limiting patterns need to be released in order to move forward. Full Moons are great times to do just that… release what isn’t aligned.

The Sun at 19 degrees of Scorpio will be exact conjunct the fixed star Zubeneschamali, which has the nature of Mercury and Jupiter; it’s connected to abundance, ambition and good fortune.

We also have a cradle going on at the exact time of the Full Moon when it peaks. Cradle configurations can be about energies that need some work on integrating and harnessing; in this case the planets involved are Sun/Mercury, Moon, Pluto/Saturn and Neptune. A good idea to see how the Full Moon affects you is to see which houses these planets will be transiting in your personal chart.

The symbol for 19 degrees of Taurus is “Newly formed continent”. This is about fresh opportunities; new timelines. This can be the beginning of a new chapter for you, a new timeline if you claim it. This is a great opportunity to lay some strong foundations.

A good ritual for Full Moons is writing what you need to release, say it loud, then burn the paper (in a safe environment of course) as a symbol for release.

Amethyst is a great crystal for this Full Moon; as amethysts help assist us to release things no longer in alignment so we can move forward. I would suggest Rose Quartz as well to strengthen self-worth and self-love for this Full Moon!