While in Sagittarius, Jupiter has been at home; with the energy of creative massive expansion and growth. Being in the sign it ruled, it was a great year or so of magic manifestation, dreaming big and making things happen.

On December 2nd, it will be shifting into Capricorn. Different signs, mean totally different energy.

Capricorn can be serious, stern and very methodical. Jupiter shifting into Capricorn might feel, especially at first, like its wings were partially cut off; restricted, limiting the growth, or at least the type of growth it had while in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Capricorn requires more analytical thinking,  tends to be more skeptical of things. There can be growth with this placement, but with a more serious energy. Daily actions towards goals will have to be more structured, measurable and logical, in order to see growth. Jupiter in Capricorn also requires more careful planning than the more care-free, go with the flow energy it had in Sagittarius.

One bonus for Jupiter in Capricorn is that our ambition and focus becomes stronger. This will benefit the Earth signs Virgo and Taurus more than the rest of the zodiac!

While we dreamt big, went through massive growth during Jupiter in Sagittarius, make the most of this energy the next few days; and dream big! Make things happen; since when Jupiter shifts into Capricorn, we will need to get more serious and step up. At some point Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto, which can bring a season of metamorphosis and transformation. I am so looking forward to see what this placement will bring!