In November, we will be feeling a few life-changing shifts happening; and we need to make the most of this month and try to get things rolling and make the most of the planet’s placement at home and stronger  than ever that brings luck, optimism and expansion, before it shifts to the next sign in Capricorn, where it is at its fall. Yes, I am talking about Jupiter.

Jupiter shifts signs about once a year; and we may feel some of the shift this November; although it will be in December, which is a very interesting month astrologically; with eclipses and such… but let’s wait for the December forecast to expand on that…

We start the month off with Venus shifting into Sagittarius, where the energy when it comes to relationships, self worth and finances, go from deep and secretive, to bold and blunt. Great time to save money for travel and education. By the end of the month, she would then shift into Capricorn.

We also will have Mars squaring Pluto exact, which is not an easy transit. It is volatile, it can bring up anger and mostly we have seen events in the world that may be violent; or shocking.

We will be having also a Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th, and a New Moon in Sagittarius a few weeks afterwards; also Mars will be shifting into Scorpio on the 19th of this month. This can be an intense shift, having Mars there; and the energy depends how the person can use it; can be very useful for digging deep into action if used correctly. We then enter Sagittarius season when the Sun moves in, around the 22nd.

Mercury turns Direct on the 20th while Neptune on the 27th… can I get an amen?

As we get closer to the “Great Conjunction” of Saturn and Pluto and Capricorn,  which will happen in January 2020. This hasn’t happened since the 1500s! And it is all about power and control; the dissolution of the old, outdated systems and structures, limiting beliefs… they are on shaky foundations at this point and starting to collapse. With just a glance of the news headlines, you can see it happening!

On an individual level, you will be breaking free of the old structures and beliefs that were keeping you stuck, small and powerless. You will be stepping into your power, speaking up and being your authentic self. And exploring your many talents and gifts that you came into this incarnation with, to help the collective raise the vibration, and of this planet! Claim it.

Aspects happening this month

Venus trine Chiron 11/3

Mars square Pluto 11/5

Sun trine Neptune 11/8

Sun conjunct Mercury 11/11

Full Moon in Taurus  11/12

Mars sextile Jupiter 11/12

Mercury sextile Saturn 11/13

Sun sextile Pluto 11/13

Mercury trine Neptune 11/13

Venus square Neptune 11/14

Mars enters Scorpio 11/19

Mercury turns Direct 11/20

Sun enters Sagittarius 11/22

Sun trine Chiron 11/23

Venus conjunct Jupiter 11/24

Mars opposed Uranus 11/24

Venus enters Capricorn 11/25

New Moon in Sagittarius 11/26

Neptune turns Direct 11/27

Mercury trine Neptune 11/28