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Looking back at 2019, it was a year, at least for me and many I follow on social media, of very hard challenges, obstacles, but paired with tons of growth and many were risen from the ashes while they rebuilt themselves; it was certainly a year to remember.

When it comes to 2020, astrologers might mostly agree with how important this new year will be in terms of astrological shifts and transits!

I personally feel this year,  we will be seeing new foundations forming from the rubble of old, outdated structures; especially in those Capricorn sign areas like government, banks, etc. Also, I feel the food system and technology will have somewhat of an overhaul, maybe not seeing it complete  in 2020 but definitely the start of it.

2020 is the year to apply what we have learned the past year; the challenges, the obstacles, the failures… and from there, rise while building a solid, stable foundation. Lots of spiritual growth and finding our soul purpose this year; and with a new outlook on life.

Major Highlights

We have the Grand Conjunction every astrologer has been talking about for months; the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, which happens every 32 years or so; and that conjunction hasn’t happened in Capricorn since the 1500s!

Jupiter will also conjunct Pluto not once, not twice, but three times! This could be a great aspect, or at least, a very insightful one.

An important Lunar eclipse will be happening in January in the sign of Cancer; and a Solar Eclipse in June in Cancer; then another Lunar Eclipse in Gemini around the end of November; followed by a Total Solar Eclipse 2 weeks later; in Sagittarius.

After being very comfortable in his home sign, Saturn shifts into Aquarius; which is a big deal since it spends about 2.5 years in each sign.

We also have an important conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto happening 3 times in 2020; April, June and November.

Jupiter, which recently moved into Capricorn, will be there until it’s ready to move to Aquarius around mid-December; then it will conjunct Saturn once it’s there.

And now, the Retrogrades.

As every year, Mercury will station Retrograde 3 times; moving between Air and Water signs.

And not to be the bearer of “bad” news, but as 2019 we didn’t have these Retrogrades, we are due in 2020… Mars and Venus Retrograde!

Mars will station Retrograde around Sept – Nov in Aries; while Venus will station Retrograde in Gemini… these planets stationing retrograde has been found to be more challenging than Mercury; so let’s brace ourselves and learn and grow from the challenges that are presented to us.

These are only the major highlights for the year; as we have a lot more transits coming up in 2020; and watch this blog for more posts regarding these transits!