Happy New Year!

I hope you took advantage of some of the magical energy we had in December with the Eclipse and the Jupiter aspects to plan some amazing goals for this new decade, this New Year!

Astrologically, there is a lot happening this year 2020; but let’s focus here on January. It is one of the biggest months when it comes to Astrology!

I personally feel this year, astrologically, we will be seeing new foundations forming from the rubble of old, outdated structures; especially in those Capricorn sign areas like government, banks, etc. Also, I feel the food system and technology will have somewhat of an overhaul, maybe not seeing it happening in 2020 but definitely the start of it.

Upcoming 2020 Transits

As you know, Mercury shifted into Capricorn towards the end of the decade; and it will be conjunct with Jupiter to get our year started right. This can bring positive frame of mind, in order to accomplish goals and even maybe start a new learning path.

Mars will be entering Sagittarius; where new adventures await us.

Then we will be having a Lunar Eclipse happening in Cancer, at 20 degrees, right on my Natal Moon degree! Then a few hours later, Uranus will be stationing direct. Send help…LOL.

On January 12th, the Grand Conjunction will happen between Saturn and Pluto; the most talked about transits among the Astrologers. This energy has been felt for a few months now; and we have been seeing the effects mostly in government; the destruction of old structures so new ones can be rebuilt.

Days after, Venus will be entering Pisces, while Mercury will be going into Aquarius; and the Sun as well. We will be having a New Moon in Aquarius on the 24th; and then Venus will conjunct Neptune towards the end of the month.

These are only some highlights of the month; here is a more detailed list of the transits for January: