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This week is one of the most important weeks in terms of Astrology for 2020! It will be intense, and if you are watching the news, you can see how things are building up along with the Grand Conjunction happening on the 12th. 

Some people might feel it more than others; in my daily energy forecasts I usually recommend some days to take things slow; I would recommend that for the whole week! Rest when you need to, take time to meditate and/or breath deeply when needed. Journal when you need to as well! Or just have some time to do nothing or watch a movie. 

It is easy to get sucked into the darkness of the news media; and worry about our future, if I say so myself. But I will intentionally send light to these current situations and hope for the best outcome!

On to the forecast for the week! 

On Monday, January 6th  we have the Moon moving into Gemini…it can be a very curious transit, wanting to know more about things… but it can sometimes be anxiety filled… I like to use my hematite bracelet during this time. But it can also be a fun transit! Very social too… 

On Tuesday we have the Sun sextile Neptune….this transit is filled with heightened intuition, spiritual work but also compassion. We need more of that these days! If you can, help someone in need this day; donate to charity or help a friend out if you feel called to. 

On Wednesday Jupiter conjuncts the South Node while Mercury sextiles Neptune. With Jupiter conjunct the South Node, usually it gives you the insights to re-assess your beliefs, perspectives, who is in your tight circle of friends and family… and releasing what doesn’t serve us. 

Mercury also in a sextile with Neptune, which also is about spiritual connection and work, but also about creativity. It’s a great time for creative writing! 

Thursday the Moon moves into Cancer in preparation for the Full Moon… Moon in Cancer is at its home where it rules; and is very empathic, and nurturing. 

Finally Friday, we have the Full Moon Eclipse happening at 2:22PM EST, while we have a Cazimi with Mercury earlier… heightening focus, insights, clarity… a Cazimi happens when a planet is less than a degree conjunct the Sun; and this planet is unusually strong during that time. 

Uranus turns direct just a few hours after the Full Moon; bringing unexpected, shocking events. Also a great time to break the chains you have placed on yourself, and break free! It’s time to stop playing safe in our comfort zones… 

Sunday, we finally have the Saturn/Pluto exact conjunction, which is a major event this year. You can check out a recent blog post I wrote regarding the conjunction. 

So as you can see, it will be a rollercoaster of a week; so be gentle with yourself and listen to your body, your intuition… and make the most of the full moon with releasing stuff that isn’t aligned to your higher self!