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On February 9, 2020 at 2:34AM EST, we will be having a Full Moon in Leo; at the 20th degree; with the Sun opposing in Aquarius. This promises for a fiery full moon this time; and it comes with its set of great aspects, and not so great ones.

I feel this Full Moon’s main theme is to push us out of our comfort zones, embrace the Leo energy and have the courage of stepping into our power. It is a tug of war between staying stuck or in that safe space vs. upleveling to a new timeline and embracing our higher selves.

At this time, we will have Mars and Venus squaring each other.. but separating at 6 degrees so this energy is definitely dissipating. This brought some tension in relationships; and in taking smart financial decisions.

Saturn and Uranus are forming a square but will not be as strong as it could be; this aspect happens only about every 14 years. It can bring unexpected, and unwanted changes in life; it can bring frustration also. It’s a time to be more adaptable and go with the flow.

Mars will be aspecting harmoniously the Moon at this time motivating us to release what is not aligned to our life; and taking action on those things that we do want.

Another major aspect, which happens every 4-9 years is Jupiter sextile Neptune. Very spiritual, I believe many will have some sort of awakening around this Full Moon; growth for those who already have awakened, and many blessings.

This Full Moon is an excellent time to work with the solar plexus and heart chakras; release anything that can unbalance these chakras (low confidence, grudges, past hurts, etc). Also to embrace the Lion in you, the fire in you and step into your power… it will be a very powerful, positive Full Moon, what we need after such a difficult month we had in January!

I will be certainly taking some time tonight (night before Full Moon) for my Full Moon rituals, and since it will be happening conjunct my natal Jupiter, Sun and Venus, it is a special Full Moon for me! And finally analyze my Lunar Return from when the Moon was in Cancer…