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On Wednesday, April 22, we will be having the New Moon in Taurus, around 10:25PM EST. This will be at the 3rd degree of Taurus; which its sabian symbol is “Steps up to a lawn blooming with clover”. This is about goals that are achievable; but at the same time we need to be aware that the opportunities can easily pass us by.

New Moons are great times for new beginnings; where we set our intentions; and/or starting a new chapter in our lives. New Moons occur when the Sun is conjunct the Moon. With this New Moon in Taurus, and having several planets in fixed signs, it is a time of slowing down and focus with intention into the things we are working on.

There are some major aspects giving a theme to this New Moon that can be quite challenging. The major players here is Saturn and Uranus; while they square each other.

First of all we have the New Moon conjunct Uranus; which can bring some unexpected, shocking events as Uranus is used to. Also, help us break free from the limitations; although might not come without its set of challenges to overcome.

The New Moon is also squaring Saturn, which can lead to frustration, and feeling like we are taking 2 steps forward, and 3 steps back. But there is a lesson in all of it so we can have major growth.

Then, both “malefics”, Saturn and Uranus, squaring each other; thankfully is a weak aspect, but this brings major rebel energy; defying authorities (see how currently protests are going on regarding lockdowns).

Taurus rules finances, so I am not surprised if something global regarding the economy comes up. As it did recently with the oil prices… very Uranus in Taurus!

This New Moon coincidentally is on the same day as Earth Day… it makes for a great day to honor our Mother Earth, which has been through so much and at this current time, is healing. Let’s be grateful for everything she provides us!