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The Lunar Nodes will be shifting from the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which have been in those signs since November 2018, into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, on May 5th at 4:13AM EST. This is quite an important shift even though Lunar Nodes are not planetary bodies.

The Lunar Nodes are mathematical points determined by the orbit of the Moon and how it intersects with the eliptic. These Lunar Nodes have to do with your soul purpose and karmic lessons for this lifetime. There is a North Node, where you are going, your soul purpose in this incarnation; and a South Node, where you came from, what you mastered in past lives. In a chart, they are exactly opposite of each other.

In your natal astrological chart, this is what I primarily use to determine your soul’s purpose; along with other key placements in the chart.

With the North Node shifting into the sign of Gemini, and the South Node shifting into Sagittarius, we are shifting gears when it comes to collective soul, karmic lessons. Last time the Nodes were in this current position, was shortly after 9/11.

North Node in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury; the collective will be thirsty for information, research, facts. I feel many will be able to find the truth they were always seeking. Also, to be prepared for life’s challenges that may set their course into an entire new direction, new perspective.

South Node in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter; we can see our beliefs tested, challenged. Some of the things we thought was real, we trusted, will be crumbling before our eyes; and we can, with fresh eyes, release and shed what no longer is aligned with us.

Looking back at the Cancer/Capricorn axis the Nodes are exiting at this time, it is interesting to see Capricorn, which rules government; and Cancer rules the home, that we have been ordered to stay home with this plandemic (no typo, that’s how I see it), right when the Nodes are preparing to shift.

For more information and how this relates to your natal chart, look into what houses these Nodes will be transiting; if you want more information on how this will impact you, book a Cosmic Forecast with me so I can take a look at the Nodes and other key players transiting your chart.