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As if these past months were not eventful enough, we have in May quite a few intense shifts going on. From planets stationing Retrograde to shifts of the Lunar Nodes, we have a little bit of everything going on.

In April, we saw how Pluto went Retrograde; several squares from the planets transiting the sign of Aries with planets in Capricorn, such as Sun square Pluto, Mercury square Jupiter, and more. Also, Mercury square Saturn more recently.

This month, we are seeing the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn station retrograde; and the asteroid Pallas Athena as well. We also will be having a Full Moon in Scorpio that will allow us to have some closures that were pending, and a New Moon in Gemini; which will open many lines of communication; in the physical realm and beyond.

The Lunar Nodes, which the North Node is in Cancer, while the South Node is in Capricorn, will be shifting into a new sign after approximately 18 months. The North Node will be moving into Gemini; which is a time of focusing on information, communication; while the South Node is moving into the sign of Sagittarius; the truth seeker. I will talk more about this on a future blog post.

This month, I feel that on a global level, the collective is diving deep into information, doing their own research; as with our current situation with the pandemic and lockdown, many are awakening to the fact that something is not right. That there is information withheld, hidden, or even exaggerated for sinister agendas.

On an individual level, this month is about lots of inner reflection; when it comes to our boundaries, responsibilities, relationships, the way we communicate, abundance and prosperity. We could go on a journey of releasing what no longer resonate, shifting priorities and rethinking some relationships, and how we view ourselves as well.

Below are key dates  for this month; follow me on Facebook at Soul Seeker Astrology for daily forecasts, and the podcast as well for weekly forecasts.

Key Dates:

May 3 – Venus square Neptune

May 4 – Sun conjunct Mercury

May 5 – North Node moves into Gemini, South Node into Sagittarius

May 7 – Full Moon in Scorpio

May 9 – Mercury trine Pluto

May 10 – Mercury trine Jupiter, Sun sextile Neptune, Saturn Rx

May 11 – Mercury square Mars, Mercury in  Gemini

May 12 – Mercury trine Saturn

May 13 – Mars in Pisces, Venus Rx

May 14 – Jupiter Rx

May 15 – Sun trine Pluto

May 17 – Pallas Rx

May 20  – Sun in Gemini, Venus square Neptune

May 21 – Icarus moves into Pisces

May 22 – Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Saturn, New Moon @1:39PMEST

May 25 – Mars sextile Uranus

May 26 – Juno turns Direct

May 28 – Mercury moves into Cancer

May 29 – Sun sextile Chiron