Summer is finally here; but it is totally different from other years given our current circumstances. Many plans cancelled, kids staying indoors more often… and with current events, it seems so surreal, like we are living out of an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  The astrology of June was quite interesting; and as we look back, the major highlight were the Eclipses. The solar eclipse we had was very intense, but also shifted our perception, thinking… what I have been witnessing with many of my peers and myself.

On a collective level, there was a lot of chaos in the world; protestors, riots and even the plandemic taking front stage again. And…. Mars is in Aries, until the end of the year. 

Let’s look into what July has in store for us; these are just highlights; keep checking this website for daily forecasts. 

Starting off on the very first day of the month, Saturn dips back into Capricorn. Law and order is the first thing that comes to mind; and the further crumbling of weak structures as Saturn gets cozy again with Pluto (which is Retrograde but moving very slowly). 

Then on the 4th of July (5th for the East Coast and other countries) we have another Lunar Eclipse, in the sign of Capricorn; this being the last eclipse in this series until December. At this point we can expect coming from this eclipses things uncovered, and/or a life-changing worldwide event, as it has happened every 19 years; with 9/11 back in 2001, and the emerging of AIDS in 1982. 

Ceres and Eris join the Retrograde this month; Ceres Retrograde can help us with the nurturing our inner self need; spiritual care, self-care, etc. Eris Retrograde can allow us (or force us as Eris is quite forceful) to see things in a different way that we have not imagined before. 

Chiron will have some interesting aspects this month…it will square with Mercury and conjunct with Mars, sextile with Venus and station Retrograde. Mercury squaring Chiron on the 1st of the month can open up some old or “forgotten” wounds that we need to learn something from, work on in order to bring the change we are looking for in our lives.  Venus sextile Chiron is another aspect related to facing the wounds that we keep hidden so we can be aware of the certain behavior, thought patterns that need to be addressed.  Mars conjunct Chiron is an opportunity to let out the anger, frustration, mostly with ourselves; so we can shift these emotions and create a healthy outlet for them.

The month of July has a lot of moments where deep healing can occur.  On July 11, Chiron will station Retrograde; it’s is a good time to go within, re-evaluate your wounds and get deep healing… during this Retrograde you might find things coming up; old past hurts… are you going to bypass it or do the inner work for healing? 

Mercury stations Direct the day after Chiron stations Retrograde… finally! Things are flowing better; and Mercury will pick up some speed as it passes the post shadow path it took. 

My favorite season starts on July 22! Leo Season… which means my birthday is approaching… Leo season is all about being social, having fun, being creative; and about  having the huge heart of helping others. 

The Sun will also have some interesting aspects, which I will not go over each one but the major themes with it is about dealing with self-esteem, ego, but also about creativity and trying new things. 

A New Moon in Cancer on July 20 right at the end of Cancer season; this will be quite an interesting New Moon as it will be opposing Saturn, and it may force us out of challenges and restrictions in order to create our own beliefs, perspectives to build upon in our life. 

On July 27th, we have 3 major aspects happening: Jupiter Sextile Neptune, Venus square Neptune and Mercury square Mars. While Jupiter Sextile Neptune brings spiritual enlightenment, the squares bring a dangerous combination of insecurity, disappointment and deception paired with jumping into conclusions without thinking things through; this day is about thinking things twice before taking action or communicating. 

I see this month of July, on an individual level, very healing; with many opportunities to shift our perception that will set us on a path to our soul’s purpose; if we are willing to look at the shadow parts of ourselves and do the work. Usually in life we may find ourselves with unexpected challenges, or wounds rearing their ugly head; but this is where we need to take these issues and not ignore them any longer; do the healing, the work in order to release what doesn’t align with us. 

On a global level, I don’t see anything indicating improvement of our current situation with the pandemic and the protests; but I do believe that in July, and the following months truths will be revealed.  The foundation where we are built upon as a society is crumbling and a new Earth emerging; so if current news are too overwhelming, remember it is OK to shut off social media, news media, and go within. Rest. Hydrate. Connect with nature. This can help put us in a better perspective!