Check out the August 2020 Astrology blog post for more information on what’s in store for this month!

Sun at 9 degrees of Leo; symbol for this degree: “Glass blowers”. This has to do with the creative expression and the desire to create something beautiful. Today is a great day to get your creative juices flowing! But also this degree can be about twisting the facts to someone’s convenience. 

If you are feeling moody, snappy and with a short fuse today, know that the Moon will be aspecting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn; along with squaring Chiron and Mars while opposing Mercury. It may be a lot to take in for the day. Retreat if you need to and don’t make any rash decisions. It’s also the Full Moon energies emerging. 

Mercury opposite Pluto: we may expect major truth bombs, even some type of major event that will distract us from what people in higher powers want to keep under wraps. But we are catching up to them. They cannot longer hide their evil deeds!

Venus sextile Eris: Finances, self-worth and relationships gets shaken up but in a positive way; maybe some challenges overcome from those areas in our life. 

Mercury square Eris: Chaos and discord in communications. Seems like many people will not be on the same page today; heated debates… Eris is Retrograde so possible disruption in communications.