On August 3rd, we have the Sturgeon Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius, at 11:59AM EST; it will occur at the 11th degree of Leo. The sabian symbol for this degree can give us some additional clues on the energy of this Full Moon. The sabian symbol is “Children on a swing in a huge oak tree”.  The oak tree symbolizes knowledge; and the image of children represents fun. This can mean that the Universe is supporting us when we put the proper effort. 

Below is the chart for the time of the Full Moon. I usually have the asteroids and all in the chart, but wanted to highlight the key players. 

At the time of the Full Moon, the Ascendant is Libra; so Venus is the chart ruler; which is forming a quincunx to Saturn. This can highlight the fact that sometimes we take on too much when it comes to relationships and social life; what things are no longer aligned to us? What doesn’t serve us, what takes more priority? Great time to look at this and release a few things in order to feel more balanced. 

The Full Moon will be squaring Uranus, the Awakener. Expect the unexpected, disruption, shocking events; in the grand scheme of things, plot twists are re-directing us to our soul’s growth and evolution. Change is ahead! 

The Sun, Moon and Uranus will be forming a tight Fixed T-square, which might bring resistance to change; but if we embrace change and the challenges ahead, we will prevail.  Uncovered truths, major revelations, and new perspectives, forcing us to step outside of the norm and into our power. Use the Leo energy to create the life you always wanted!

The Full Moon will also be forming a sextile with Chiron; allowing healing and shedding of what doesn’t serve us. But it will also make us feel hyper sensitive and intuitive. When I see this aspect, it reminds me of the clothing tags or stickers that says “Handle with care”. 

At this time, the opposition between Mercury and Pluto is still strong, and even more so, with Saturn. This is a frustrating, feeling like everything is against us type of energy. With Mercury opposite Pluto, expect some major truth bombs that may shock people. In the August blog post, I talk more about these first few days of August and the possibility of a false flag event as well. 

I love that Jupiter sextile Neptune is still active and strong in the skies; allowing us to propel forward in our spiritual journey and being able to see the bigger picture.  And to add to this positive energy, we also have the Lion’s Gateway Portal open and we are receiving high some high frequency upgrades. 

Do you have a journal for New Moon intentions? If so, look up any intentions you might have written back in January, as these intentions are coming to a full circle with this Full Moon. I happened to look at my intentions for January, and was pleased to see that some came into fruition, and some I am improving slowly but surely!

This Full Moon is asking us to do the proper work and effort to step out of our comfort zones;  and with it squaring with Uranus, this lunation will most likely shake us up into action. We must embrace any changes ahead with a positive, can do attitude; and see the bigger picture and focus on the future, on what we want to achieve, and how we want our life to look like.