The Sun will start the day at the 7th degree of Leo; sabian symbol is “The constellations in the sky”. This symbolizes the search for meaning in life; also about the ability to recognize the patterns in life and align ourselves with opportunity. Our answers lie within!

The Moon in Sagittarius, with today’s aspects to Venus, Mars, Neptune and the South Node, we may tend to feel more emotional and needy; but at the same time taking action and making the first move when it comes to emotions; careful with rose colored glasses and where our energy is spent; it is best not to waste it in stuff from the past. Time to move on!

Mercury is the main star for today when it comes to aspects; as it will be opposing Jupiter, and trine Neptune. With the opposition, there may be too many ideas in our head and we might skip past the important details. We could also be questioning our beliefs, whatever doesn’t have a strong foundation. 

Mercury trine Neptune gives us a dreamy mind; very creative and intuitive. This makes for a great time for sensitive conversations; and expressing our creativity. 

With Venus quincunx Pluto, some relationships may start to crumble, or end, imagine the Tower tarot card. The best thing is to clear the path for transformation in relationships. Some will end and some will only get stronger. Quincunxes bring about necessary change. 

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