With the Sun at the 6th degree of Leo, today’s symbol is “An old-fashioned woman and and up-to-date girl.” This is about learning to look at things from totally different perspectives and see that both can provide great insights.

The Moon will be moving into Sagittarius; where our emotional need for adventure is heightened. With the Moon forming a trine with the Sun and Chiron, it is more of a feel good day, comfortable and at ease; and learning from past wounds in order to bring forward our authentic self. However, with the Moon forming a quincunx with Uranus, sudden changes of mood might occur. 

Mars square Pallas can be a great example of a challenging aspect helping us have a breakthrough; with Mars square Pallas, creativity might get blocked in order for us to take action on something else, perhaps something that requires more attention; or that we have been avoiding because it is not as fun as creating. Pay attention!

Venus and Saturn can help us find new ways of expression, and creativity while forming a biquintile aspect; which goes well as a solution for the Mars square Pallas aspect. 

Also, we are officially out of the Mercury Retrograde shadow period and into the Mars Retrograde shadow period since last week, and soon Mars will be squaring the planets in Capricorn, Mars square Pluto being my least favorite!