The Lion’s gateway is a cosmic alignment that happens every year when the Sun is in the sign of Leo; which is associated with the heart center and expression of the Divine. It is a time of increased cosmic frequency between the physical and spiritual realms. The cosmic alignment is between the Earth and Sirius, our Spiritual Sun. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza; from our perspective. Sirius appears to be closer to Earth. 

It is called the Lion’s Gate since this occurs during Leo Season; and the Leo energy facilitates the anchoring of ascension codes and frequencies through Sirius and the Great Central Sun. During the Lion’s Gateway, DNA awakens, activating the physical energy field; it is an opportunity for us to grow and expand in our spiritual path. 

Lion’s Gate is an excellent time to release what is keeping us stuck, whether people, behaviors, thoughts, situations… time to leap into new timelines. Also excellent for ancestral healing. 

The Lion’s Gate starts on July 26, and has its peak on August 8th. When it comes to numerology, the website states the following: “2020 has the frequency of the double master number. Doubling up the 2 will power up the Divine Feminine, while doubling up 0 suggests the Void. It’s all about empowerment and manifesting creation and rebirth. Your focus should be clear at this moment as you allow the Divine Creative Energy flow through you.”

Also, the number 8 in numerology has to do with abundance and power. It makes it an excellent opportunity for manifesting everything that we desire in our lives. It is also a highly spiritual number. 

With all the upgrades we might be going through during this cosmic event, it is a time to be very gentle with ourselves; some may experience ascension flu symptoms which can be a sign to slow down. Lots of rest when needed; treat our body right with high vibration foods (less meat, dairy, processed) and more vegetables and fruits. Hydration is my top priority during this time! As our bodies will go through some major upgrades. 

A good exercise is to make note of what we want to release, purge… through journaling, or a voice note app. The important thing is to use what works best for you!

The Lion’s Gate is the time for us to stand into our power, roar like a lion and ignite the fire inside of us.