How time flies! Can you believe it is already August? It has been quite a journey this year… and this is my favorite season, Leo! I get to look at my new solar return chart and see how things are going for me for the next year… 

Enough of me, let’s recap on the astrological events that happened in July before we dive into August. We had the Retrograde planets, the Eclipses, Mars in Aries, the Neowise comet and the start of a New Astrological year! It was quite an intense month, and I believe we all felt the ups and downs, perhaps some on an unconscious level. 

For August, Leo Season gives an air of creativity, fun, and spicing things up, but we do have some challenging transits ahead of us. We must not fear the challenging aspects such as squares or oppositions; challenge comes so we can grow, up level, and on a collective level, although it assists into the crumbling of structures, this has to happen so we can start new, stronger foundations and structures. 


We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd at 11 degrees of Aquarius; go check out my blog post here for more information on what this Full Moon means and the specific astrological aspects at that time. 


The Lion’s gateway is a cosmic alignment that happens every year when the Sun is in the sign of Leo; which is associated with the heart center and expression of the Divine. It is a time of increased cosmic frequency between the physical and spiritual realms. The cosmic alignment is between the Earth and Sirius, our Spiritual Sun. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza; from our perspective. Sirius appears to be closer to Earth. 

Read more about this on my Lion’s Gateway Portal blog. 


August starts off with a transit that for some reason worries me on a collective level; I will not sugarcoat things. The best that could happen is that some major secrets are uncovered with Mercury opposing Pluto;  the worst case a scenario, a false flag event. Let’s hope for necessary truths being uncovered. At this time Mars’s opposition with Saturn will be building; bringing some challenging situations. Revise any contracts or double check anything before making a major investment. 

 Also, Mercury will be squaring off with Eris; on August 1st;  most likely bringing chaos in communications. This, along with Mercury opposite Pluto makes me believe there might be some major type of event or revelation in the first 4 days of August. 

Mercury moves into the sign of Leo around the 4th of August; adding more creativity and fun to our thoughts, communication; with this transit we are shifting from using the mind and emotions to make decisions; to using our mind and our heart. 

On the 14th, Mercury squares with Uranus; another aspect that makes me believe some major truths may be uncovered; something unexpected and shocking. With so many things happening, from the plandemic to #savethechildren, anything can happen!

The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun on the 18th, known as the Mercury Cazimi brings some light into the more challenging aspects; giving us major insights, focus on the bigger picture of things. Also, when Mercury forms a trine Jupiter, we will have another boost of this positive energy to lighten things up. 

Towards the end of the month, Mercury will oppose Neptune, bringing some type of deception in communication (as if we don’t have enough already?). 


After what seems like an eternity of Venus in the sign of Gemini due to stationing Retrograde earlier this year, Venus finally moves on into the sign of Cancer on the 7th. With this transit, our focus goes on our home and family; many people tend to want to decorate their home and make it a beautiful space when Venus moves into Cancer. 

But before she moves into Cancer, she will conjunct the North Node; this may bring us new growth in relationships, our values, our worth. This can also mean some karmic, fated meetings with new people, or people coming in back to your life. 

When Venus moves into Cancer, after a while the energy of the opposition between Venus and Jupiter/Pluto starts to build. I will talk more about these transits on the daily forecasts. 


Mars will be squaring the Planets in Capricorn; Jupiter, Pluto, and subsequently Saturn; also Mars conjuncts his warrior sibling and female counterpart, Eris on the 17th. These in my opinion will be the most intense aspects we will have this month. These aspects have to do with civil unrest, short temper, deconstruction of old structures and systems. 

Eris is the female awakener; helping us shift our consciousness, through chaos, discord and destruction. Mars conjunct Eris can be a major catalyst for deep transformation. 

Mars square Jupiter gives us the courage to take on anything we desire; but at the same time, we need to be cautious… we could get overwhelmed burning the candle at both ends. 

Mars square Pluto has to do with control and power struggles, and Mars square Saturn can have some harsh, challenging energy, strong with both in the sign that they rule. Resistance, frustration, short fuse, impulsiveness… are major themes of this aspect.

And as if this wasn’t challenging enough, Mars will be stationing Retrograde in September, we will have Mars squaring these planets 3 times; pre-shadow, as it will now, then while Retrograde, and then again post shadow…let’s brace ourselves for the major transformation and upleveling coming ahead!


The Sun will square with Uranus at the beginning of the month; this can bring some nervous tension in the air, the sense of impending doom, and ego conflicts. Also, careful with last minute impulses, it is time to think things through.

The Sun then moves to the sign of Virgo on the 22nd. We shift from being creators and expressing ourselves to focusing on details, getting organized… I love this season as well as Leo since the Sun will be meeting with my Ascendant. And I get all revved up to get organized, have systems and structures in place for a balanced life, between motherhood, home duties, full-time job and business!


Yes. Uranus stations Retrograde on August 15th, adding to the unstable, “expect the unexpected energy”. With both Uranus and Eris Retrograde, major disruption to the old systems and structures may occur. The old systems are no longer sustainable; see what is currently happening in politics, our health… you can see how everything is crumbling down and allowing for new systems to emerge for this New Aquarian age. But Rome wasn’t built in one day; so patience is needed (mostly telling myself lol). 


The New Moon in Leo will be happening on the 18th of August; close to the moment of my Solar Return! I will talk more about this New Moon in an upcoming blog post. This New Moon will be happening on the 26th degree of Leo; lighting up my natal Sun, Jupiter and Venus. 


Overall, I feel that the month of August, can be on an individual level, a time of major creation, transformation, build confidence, but also lots of growth spiritually. 

On a collective level, there are many aspects that suggest major truths revealed and crumbling of structures based on lies, ego, and hunger for power and money and not for the wellbeing of the people, come down to its knees. The challenging days I feel is the first few days of the month, around the middle (13th – 18th) and towards the end of the month. 

As I always say, if things are overwhelming, switching off to a social media detox, rest, hydrate, connect with nature and have fun! There is only so much we can take, and set proper boundaries around people, situations…. Put yourself first!