The Full Moon in Pisces, on September 2nd will occur on the 10th degree  and 12 minutes of Pisces; at 1:23 AM EST. This can bring a release of any spiritual and energetic baggage we might be carrying; and I feel as it will be an intense one, but of the good kind. 

The Sabian symbol for the 11th degree in Pisces is “Men seeking illumination”. This is about spiritual seekers, looking for the right path, and a willingness to assume responsibility and endure the hardships of those who wish to obtain a conscious immortality. It is also about mystical awakening, devotion and commitment for spiritual integrity. The dark side of this symbol: Fase claims of spiritual enlightenment. 

The Moon will form a sextile with Uranus; while the Sun obviously will form a trine to Uranus. Harmonious aspects with Uranus can be really good; bringing unexpected, positive surprises and opportunities. Also with the aspects to Uranus and the Full Moon in Pisces, our intuition will be kicked up a few notches. 

On a collective level, the aspects to Uranus might bring some light to the darkness; shining upon secrets and truths that need to be revealed and exposed. 

We also will have an Earth Grand Trine, helping us materialize those wishes, manifestations we have been set. Things that you might think will take more time to achieve, might be achieved, in a shorter time, or unexpectedly; due to Uranus aspecting the Sun, Moon but also Mercury forming a trine with Saturn and Pluto.

Venus is quite unhappy having the opposition to Jupiter, Pluto and exact opposite Saturn. We might see some delays and restriction with finances. For example, see the delay on the second coronavirus stimulus payment in the United States! So Venus opposite Saturn… also this aspect can bring conflicts in relationships.

According to, the Moon will be conjunct the Lucky Star, called Skat; which gives good fortune and blessings; and new friends.

Personally for me, this will be one of the most interesting Full Moons this year as the Sun will be sandwiched between my North Node and Ascendant; and the Moon will be conjunct my South Node… very interested in seeing how this plays out!