Full Moon in Leo - Embrace the Fire in You

On February 9, 2020 at 2:34AM EST, we will be having a Full Moon in Leo; at the 20th degree; with the Sun opposing in Aquarius. This promises for a fiery full moon this time; and it comes with its set of great aspects, and not so great ones.

Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer - Emotions vs. Control

On Friday, January 10th, we will be having a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse happening in the sign of Cancer at 20 degrees; exact at  2:22 PM EST. This is the exact degree and sign of my Natal Moon (picture me inhaling and exhaling in a brown paper bag).

The most eventful week of 2020

This week is one of the most important weeks in terms of Astrology for 2020! It will be intense, and if you are watching the news, you can see how things are building up along with the Grand Conjunction happening on the 12th. 

January 2020 Forecast

Happy New Year!I hope you took advantage of some of the magical energy we had in December with the Eclipse and the Jupiter aspects to plan some amazing goals for this new decade, this New Year!

Astrology Transits in 2020

Looking back at 2019, it was a year, at least for me and many I follow on social media, of very hard challenges, obstacles, but paired with tons of growth and many were risen from the ashes while they rebuilt themselves; it was certainly a year to remember.

The Grand Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto

It has been happening for months... and we have been seeing events unfold, especially in government. Structures need to come down as it no longer serves it purpose; so new foundations are built.

Jupiter in Capricorn - Moving into Serious Ground

While in Sagittarius, Jupiter has been at home; with the energy of creative massive expansion and growth. Being in the sign it ruled, it was a great year or so of magic manifestation, dreaming big and making things happen.

Full Moon in Taurus - Opportunities and Magic

The Full Moon in Taurus is happening on November 12, 2019; it will happen at 19 degrees of Taurus. We will be having a few challenging transits; but most are very positive.