As an Intuitive Astrologer, I work with you to navigate through your soul’s blueprint. We all have this blueprint in our natal charts; and I can help you unlock the mysteries of your soul. We can focus on your natal chart; the basics, understanding the different placements, or look at it in terms of your business. If you have a business, it has a natal chart as well!

For in-depth readings, I look at your soul’s purpose; what you came here to do; and the challenges that you have, the wounds you carry, and much more.

See below for the services available.

Your Soul’s Blueprint

The basics on your natal chart; sun, moon, rising, dominant elements/modalities, started origins, dominant planets/houses/aspects and much more 60 minute audio file, $88

Cosmic Forecast

Reading of your natal chart compared to the current astrological transits. Ask 3 questions. 45 minute audio file, $77

Career/Business Alchemy Session

A reading of your success, wealth, business placements, either your natal chart or your business’s natal chart. 60 minute recorded video + PDF, $111.

Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose

Six part reading includes:

  • Karma in your chart and a past life
  • Your wounds  in your soul’s blueprint
  • Your soul’s purpose; what you came here to do in this life
  • Your Gifts and Talents. What gifts and talents you possess as a natal promise
  • How the current transits influences your soul’s purpose
  • Action plan for inner work and to make the most of your placements.
  • 90+ minute recorded video, $222